MDI Starts up Academic Coaching on Thesis

On December 26, 2015, the Mekong Dialogue Institute (MDI) starts up the academic coaching on thesis writing to university students. This academic coaching conducts to provide the overall concept and structure of thesis for graduate students. They have chances to improve the quality of their thesis and confidence through searching, presentation and get questions and comments from audients such as students, staff, and lecturers from university. In this first batch, there are two student groups from Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University with different topics one focusing on “Governor and Migration” and another is “Gender in Buddhism”.

The thesis structure was introduced by MDI’s staff which included cover page, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, references, and appendix. In each part was instructed in detail with real examples then students put their topics on table to discuss in order to understand the contexts of each theme, objectives and thinking for next steps. Students have to study hard and present their achievement in every Saturday step by step follow the above outline. In addition, the research methodology, data entry platform, and statistical analysis will be included. On the other hand, thesis with high quality can be considered for publication.

Students bring back with ideas and assignments to do to review the previous studies in purpose to justify their thesis. Then, they will come up with ideas and make clear objectives and method before moving to next stage. Self-study is very important to become independent researcher. Students said that we have never written thesis before and now it is good chance for us to integrate what we learn from University with MDI to make a good thesis further we can contribute our achievements to the society and can consider for publication. This is our chance why don’t we take this opportunity to improve our academic writing. See you all on Saturday with fruitful presentation. Happy New Year 2016!