MDI starts Internship Program for First batch

On January 06, 2016, the Mekong Dialogue Institute (MDI) starts internship program for first batch from January to February 2016. There are six internship students from various universities namely International University, Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University, Norton University, and Royal University of Law and Economics. This internship program aims to provide opportunity to students to involve and learn with MDI’s activities particularly Academy and Education department and interfaith department further they will gain knowledge to write thesis for their graduate degree.

Students were selected through the interview and need assessment to looking for qualify students. Then, MDI’s staff oriented them about MDI and activities of each department further discussion and agreed for 8 weeks schedule and their responsibility.

The schedule was divided to four stages:

  1. Reading stage so students will understand more about MDI, activities, love and tolerance, and Gulen movement.
  2. Students will be interned in Academy and Education department and chief of department will choose a value topic to instruct them related to education then they will have the assignment.
  3. Chief of interfaith department gives them lecture about interfaith and peace building in Cambodia to those internship students with assignment. On the other hand, students will learn not only from lecture and assignment but they will assist to both departments to conduct workshop and events.
  4. Academic thesis writing will be provided in the last stage to the internship period. This is good chance for them to write following the academic format. Moreover, they can apply this knowledge to write thesis for their graduate degree or other researches. Otherwise, students will do weekly report, internship report and presentation about their activities, achievements, and lesson learns.

MDI distributed notebook, love and tolerance and Hizmet to students for reading to understand and gain more knowledge about peace and movement. They said this is a good opportunity for us to intern of how to work and understand the concept about education, interfaith, peace and movement further we have chance to learn and practice the academic writing especially thesis writing that we can apply this knowledge to write our thesis for coming year while now we are in third year. There are many students they are looking for the internship and now we get it. We are very happy to do the internship here. MDI is a place for everyone to share, discuss, learn, and practice to improve our capacity.