Day of Pray and Action 2015

On Monday December 14, 2015, the Interfaith Unit of Mekong Dialogue Institute takes part in organizing the Day of Pray and Action 2015 in Cambodia. In partnership with UNICEF, faith-based institutes and the religious communities, Ministry of Cult and Religion organize this annual celebration to disseminate the religious moral vision for harmonization in Cambodia and to celebrate the day of pray and action for children. Over 4,400 people who are religious leaders and followers from the Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and other faiths, government officials, NGO staff, children, and youth participated in this occasion which is celebrating by religious practitioners around the world.

The opening was hold at Koh Pich Theater on the morning of December 14 with the honoring opening remark by Samdech Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia. In his remarks, the Prime Minister expressed his support for this interfaith celebration annually, especially focusing on children and religious morality. The Prime Minister also urged the ministry of cult and religion to continue and to increase the cooperation with NOGs and faith-based organizations as partners for the sake of religious harmonization and development of Cambodia. The senior religious leaders representing each faith and the children released their key messages on protecting the child right. Interestingly, the interfaith conference at the National Assembly on “Religious Harmonization in Cambodia” that was co-organized by MDI since July 2015 was on the screen to show to public audiences before the program starts.

Through the good cooperation with Ministry of Cult and Religion, Mekong Dialogue Institute has distributed over 8000 notebooks and magazines that promote interfaith co-existence in Cambodia in this important interfaith gathering. The key messages on the notebooks are about the interfaith co-existence in Cambodia as a part of MoU between the MoCaR and MDI. The Love and Tolerance magazine which contents the articles of people whose their lives dedicate to peace and dialogue. The article of this special issue included religion and society, Cambodian tradition on tolerance and co-existence, the necessity for dialogue, Gulen’s interfaith initiatives, Gulen’s approaches on education, and so on. Most of the people in the gathering read these articles and collected some copies to the libraries in their communities.