Water Wells in Battambang

In the morning of July 2,2016 We had opening 4 water wells ceremony in Prey Trolach Commune and Muk Rea Communue in Rokkhak Kriri District Battambong province presided by H.E Su Arafat Deputy Governor of Battambong Province and Mr. Hakan Atasever President of MDI. Four water wells were sponsored by Australian Relief Organization (ARO) and Kimse Yok Mu (KYM). Many people had attended to the water wells ceremony and they were happy to have drinking water well. The water wells will be useful for at least 500 people. All villagers were thankful of ARO AND KYM for building water wells in their villages. These water wells will be make their life easily. Water wells will supply to drink clean water for people.  Finally, people had had great water wells in their villages.