Water Well in Vouth Thlieng Village

In the morning of 20 July 2016 we had opening a water wells ceremony in Vouth Thlieng Village, Pong Terk Commune, Dong Kor District, Phnom Penh province presided by H.E KEB CHUTEMA Member of Parliament ,Her.E PUM SICHAN Deputy Chairman of the Commision 3rd of Senate H.E MANN CHHOEURN Chief of Commission 8th of Senate H.E CHEA CHETH Chief of Commission 2th of Senate and Mr. Hakan Atasever President of Mekong Charity. This water well sponsored by Australian Relief Organization (ARO). People had attended to the water well ceremony and they were so exciting to have a water well for drinking water and at that time children had played with water. The water well is going to be beneficial for at least 100 people. All rural people thank to ARO for building water wells in their rural area. Until that time they have never had clean water to using but now they had a water well and clean water to daily using through ARO.