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Food Packages

by Amir Mizan

In Cambodia, every time of the year, is the time to focus on charity, and to think of others less fortunate than yourself. MC, since the establishment, continues its tradition to distribute food packages (Contains daily humanitarian needs like noodle, rice, milk, soap, shampoo, etc.) To orphans, poor, needy individuals and families throughout Cambodia, without […]

Hot Meal (Emergency Distribution)

by Amir Mizan

After a full day struggling, there is nothing more welcomed than breaking one’s hunger with a hot meal. Imagine how we would feel without a proper meal and enough drinking water? Imagine if we had even less than that. Saying “I care about you” can be as simple as offering a hot meal. For many […]

Clothes Distribution

by Amir Mizan

Clothing is one of the basic needs of humans and with that in mind we set out for the District of Prek Pnov in Phnom Penh on the 2nd of October 2014. In cooperation with H.E Chea Chet the president of the second commission of the senate,we gave away both used and unused clothes for […]

Qurban Beef Project

by Amir Mizan

Every year, we shared Qurban beef in different places, Within the city and in neighboring provinces. It took us three days to have 208 cows butchered and to distribute around 5 Tons of beef in different places; Muslim communities, hospitals, orphanages, dormitories and poor villages.Each person received a package that contains as much as three […]

Water Well Project

by Amir Mizan

People have many uses for water. These include: • cooking • taking a shower • washing clothes, cooking and eating utensils; such as saucepans, crockery and cutlery • keeping houses and communities clean • keeping plants alive in gardens and parks Except the domestic uses of water, all human beings, all plants and all animals […]