Cooperation with Ministries, Senate of Cambodia & Awards

To ensure the success of our projects, MDI has cooperated with various ministries over the years. MDI has signed Memorandum of Understanding with 3 ministries including:


1. Ministry of Cult and Religion: focusing on peace building projects with Interfaith Unit.


2. Ministry of Rural Development: focusing on improving welfare of Cambodians people through humanitarian aid, especially increase access to clean drinking water by building water wells.


3. Ministry of Justice: focusing on capacity building through English and IT training courses and workshops for government officials.


Besides our MoU partners, we have also worked closely with;

Ministry of Interior,


 Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports,

Ministry of National Assembly Senate Relations


Ministry of Culture, Fine and Arts,

and Inspection by providing English training classes to the best of our abilities.

For Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, MDI also worked on renovating schools, building libraries, and providing schools equipment.

Through our effort, we were rewarded with 1 Gold Medal and 2 National Construction Medals – 1 Gold and 1 Bronze; and it was our greatest honor to receive the Royal Order of Sahametrei under Sena Class from His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk.