About Us


Established in 2013, Mekong Dialogue Institute is a non-lucrative nongovernmental organization devoted to the promotion of peace and peaceful coexistence of people from different faiths, cultures, and races.


The perspectives of the institute are inspired by the life and works of Fethullah Gülen. He is regarded as the initiator and inspirer of the worldwide social movement of human values known as the Hizmet Movement or the Gülen Movement. This social initiative defeats easy categorization, focusing on education where secular curricula are taught by teachers who aspire to represent high values of humanity.
Volunteer participants in the movement, consisting of students, academicians, business owners, professionals, public officials, farmers, men and women, young and old, contribute to multiple ways of service, which crystallize in tutoring centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, a major relief organization, publishing houses, and media institutions, both in Turkey and in more than a hundred countries of the world.

Public Relations Department

We are aware that strong relationships start with a good beginnings. As MDI PR, in order to cover public interest, we word out their needs to related department. Keeping in touch with related government department to organize most sustainable and suitable charity, education and interfaith programs to help the community. And informing all the media outlets as we can to reach out many more individuals, NGOs, and officials to help more for the community.


Our vision is to build a peaceful coexistence and strong long lasting relationship with all walks of life without discrimination and classification of people.


We aim to improve communication and networking skills within all media outlets and harmonize different opinions and awareness with better understanding to build a culture where generations leave in peacefully and comfortably through education, dialogue, and understanding each other.


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