Open docx files in old MS Office software on Windows & Mac. I know that I'm able to open docx files with oo3.0 but can I save files as docx? You can use the Save and Save As commands to store your work, and you can adjust the settings that Microsoft Office Word uses to save your documents. Hi there, i can open .docx documents, but i cant save as .docx documents. Videotutorial of how to save OpenOffice files (*.odt) as Microsoft Office Word files (*.doc). I have to be able to open and save documents in both formats .docx and .odt. Hi All, I need to save a "Dotx" file into "Docx" format using c#,I am using Open Xml to open, read and change the contents. In C++/MFC using MS word controller (and not Open xml) how to save a .dotx file as .docx file? Contents. 3.0 New Features. Or, just use OpenOffice. The previously used .doc format is no longer available in Microsoft Office 2007. Launch any OpenOffice or LibreOffice application such as Writer. To change or set default file saving or save as format for new files in Launch any application such as OpenOffice Writer. ... Save as .doc By Default in Word 2010. For goodness sake; just download/install OpenOffice, then save-as MS-word. The latest Kingsoft Office 2013 is able to save documents as the Microsoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML formats, these are: .docx, dotx, docm, dotm. Yes. However, Microsoft Office users won't be able to access OpenOffice default files. Newly Updated! Convert docx files online without any software install into doc format to open, edit and read file contents. Organizer. Four Methods: Installing the Compatibility Pack for Office XP and 2003 Using a I am not sure if this is related, but I am receiving files from a Word 2010 source. Can save to .docx and .dotm file types. About the new file extensions in Word 2007. ... (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.). I tried searching for this but couldn't find an answer. The open-source OpenOffice provides a fully functional, free alternative to paid office suites such as Microsoft Office. Thus, users can interact with users still using Microsoft Office. Click on Tools and then Options. File Operations. OpenOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. I have no option for .docx in the "save as" drop down menu. How can I do it? The open-source OpenOffice provides a fully functional, free alternative to paid office suites such as Microsoft Office. I am using Office 2007 and OpenOffice 3.3. Microsoft introduced a new default file type with Office 2007 ... to save as .doc instead of .docx by default in Word 2010. If so, how? Supported. Microsoft Word save as options, open docx files, compatibility mode, convert docx to pdf, dotx and dotm, more. Edit Article How to Open a .DOCX File.